Be(an) – Strategic Design Consultancy

By working on Brand Identity, Customer Focus and Trend Analysis, we collaborate to identify your sweet spot in the market and establish an aligned vision and strategy to fulfil it.

About us

We believe small technological ideas can have great potential; when using the right strategy. Just as with a good coffee; you need to have the right tools and know how to use them to get the best taste out of the beans.

Start-ups have great potential but can sometimes be too much focused on the technical and business aspects instead of on their potential customers. We believe there is a potential in every start-up; but how to apply the technological offer can create a chasm difficult to conquer. We will help you to overcome the chasm.

Be(an) is: Sergio Castellanos-Arciniega, Esther Zijtregtop, Amandine Marié, Harry Roode & Julian Neef.

We have the design capabilities to help you create your own unique identity. By analyzing the best ‘spots’ in the market we will teach you to find a way to the market, most suiting for you. We will develop your market potential by connecting your technological offer to customer needs, therefore we create meaning to your offer and value for customers.

“The hurdle is: how do you actually get customers to buy the product, and like it, and keep using it over and over again?”

– Guido Knook, expert on technological start-ups

For technological ambitious startups who are striving to set ground on the market, be(an) will provide the tools that help you to shape a customized vision and strategy for establishment and sustainable growth, we will teach you how to find the market for whom your product provides most meaning.

We love working with technological start-ups who dare to take risks, are passionate about their offering and like to turn their start up into a flourishing technological business following a bright vision.

Become a better barista

Who are you?

You have an idea, a technological offer. You are willing to innovate, and definitely willing to grow. You are passionate and want to change the world with your offering. But, you struggle to turn your idea into a prosperous company.

“But you know, where will I find the best purpose for my development? And my customers? Where are they?”

– Flux Furniture, successful technological start-up

You face difficulties as: Who am I? What is my true identity to turn my company into a real brand? What exactly do I offer? How should I turn my offer into a meaningful product so that customers will buy my product? How should I establish a vision to align my resources in the right direction to get the best out of my idea; now and in the future? And for whom? Who are my future customer for whom I can be of most meaning?

Process startup problem


Holland Haptics

“Holland Haptics adds the experience of touch to online conversations”
This company is a young venture embraced by the YES!Delft incubator, who work on the field of virtual haptics on human interaction. They are finalizing their first commercial product that will allow you to hold hands with someone in any place in the world, and they wonder what is the highest potential for their idea and for the company itself.

Be an...

Strategy building

Every stage in the development process of a start-up has its challenge. In order to attract funders you will need a solid base and vision to act upon. This should be set during the identity formulation phase. To take the hurdle during this critical stage we will provide you the tools and teach you to handle the difficulties.

Be(an) provides you different tools and goals to create a clear perspective. We know business to business start-ups have different needs and difficulties than business to consumer. For us it does not matter whether you are B2C or B2B start-up; we are able to help you anyhow. When you are B2C focused we will lay more emphasis on defining your market and customer needs, whereas for B2B the accent will lay a little bit more accent on vision.
Startup process

#1 Who am I?

“You can only know what the value is you are providing when following from a higher vision; starting from that, and building a product from there.”

– Richard Branson, founder Virgin Group

Be(an) helps to create the startups’ identity and lays foundation for successful businesses.

#2 What are my added values?

“Startups just don’t know what value they should provide to let the customers pay for their product.”

– YES! Delft, start-up incubator

Be(an) visualizes the value of startups in a tangible and understandable way. We create and define meanings to the products of startups. Furthermore, we build the bridge between your technology and the consumer market.

#3 To whom do I provide value?

“If only you could find that hidden, sweet spot to position your product in; you will succeed.”

– Guido Knook, expert on technological start-ups

We develop market potential by connecting the startups’ product to consumer needs. We are able to find those ‘sweet spots’ in current and future markets so that you can target market with a clear focus. We will put your company in context.

Turn the bean into a delicious cup of coffee

Our solution

Be(an) has developed the solution to these problems. We know you have little time and starting a company is time intensive. Therefore we will teach you these methods so their value gets embedded into your organisation. We will start off with a Boo(s)tcamp: an intensive 1,5 days serving as the kickoff of the traject. During this weekend we will focus on #1 and #2.

After the Boo(s)tcamp we will have weekly sessions during which we will help you to find the market which fits you and your offer best, as in #3.

Curious which tools we will use during the three stages? Here are some of them:

#1 Identity definition

Metaphor game: “If your company was a … what would it be?”

Metaphor Game
Metaphors are representations that’ll help to communicate the meaning of an idea. Their value has been recognized and tools have been created with the metaphor as main principe.

#2 Define added value

A product ‘funeral’: “He was such a ….. person, always serving my needs.”

With the product funeral method, a future death will be imagined. During this tool, you will think about what legacy your offer will leave behind. If it was a person, what would his characteristics be?

Product funeral, Job-thinking

Job-thinking: “The job my customer wants to do with my offer is…..”

The real value of the product will be discovered by identifying what customer needs it fulfills.

#3 Explore market potential

Finding the ‘sweet spot’, that unique and undiscovered spot in the market

Conducting trend analysis and researching all markets; not only the obvious but looking a little bit further. Talking with trend setters, innovators and inspiring people.

Find the sweet spot, persona creation

Persona creation: Visualizing your target customer combined in one person

Visual thinking help us to create simple tools to clearly communicate your target customer.


Working with Holland Haptics

We support this new company since their definition of identity. By playing the Metaphor game, for example, and stating “if Holland Haptics was a person, he/she would be…” the company members describe a very hand skilled person, who likes to help others through his skills, releafing from pain and giving therapy and massages, which can be translated into a new field of development for the company, helping therapists and trainers to provide long distance treatments.

After this, they can think about the product legacy through the Product Funeral, what will your haptic device will be remember for? when will it pass away?. Added to this, by using the Job of the Product Tool, they will see customers as employers and the products will be “hired” to fulfil a “job” in their life. This way, Holland Haptics can understand better the need (job) the customer wants or needs to satisfy.

Also, by doing a thorough Trend Analysis with the help of field experts and lead users, new insights can be obtained and this can be conveyed into Personas that will serve as an empathic tool to contrast new ideas and assess their viability.

“Start-ups often just don’t know what value they should provide to let customers pay for their products”

– Guido Knook, expert on technological start-ups

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